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And we're off!

Updated: May 6, 2021

Big day – left home around 7:30AM and headed towards Lynchburg. One of the roads I wanted to travel in Alabama was closed – I’m wondering if it’s because of all the recent rain. It was REALLY wet and soggy in Alabama.

Made it to Lynchburg right at 10:10AM – the detour in Alabama took me way out of my way, but still made it in time. Waited around for the tour to start at 10:40. Had a great tour guide – her name is Kim and she was actually on the world’s biggest loser a year or two ago. She was hilarious and you can tell she enjoys her job. The tour was interesting and fun. Nice way to start. By the time the tour was done and I had a bite to eat it was already after noon.

Headed west on US64 – lots of rolling hills and lots of green. Didn’t see many towns because there are bypasses around most of them. Did stop in Savannah, TN (right on the Tennessee River), got gas and walked around. Once I made it to Jackson, the rest of the trip went pretty fast. Got to the hotel in downtown Cape Girardeau around 7PM. Unpacked and then walked around downtown – cute town and neat to go see the river. Ate at Port Cape – it was OK and then wandered back to the hotel.

Images are of the palates being burned to create the charcoal that the distilled spirits go through (it's 1800 degrees Fahrenheit) and the bridge in Cape Girardeau, MO over the Mississippi.

How far did I go today: 504 miles


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