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Day 5 - Mammoths and Rapid

Today dawned yet another perfect, cloudless day, complete with a doe and two fawns grazing in the back yard of the cabin before we had breakfast. We ventured south to Hot Springs and the Mammoth Site. The Mammoth Site sinkhole was discovered in 1974 and is one of the largest archaeological sites in North America. To date they have discovered 61 mammoths and other creatures who met their demise in the sinkhole. Each time I’ve visited the site over the years the tours have changed, and this year was no different, as now guests use their smartphones to scan QR codes to listen to recordings of what they’re viewing at various points around the sinkhole. After finishing the tour, we returned to Rapid City via SD79 and I visited Mom, and later we all met up with Lynn, Perry, and Michael. We drove back to Hill City and arrived back at the cabin in time for dinner and even got to spend time on the back deck to enjoy the sunset.


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