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Dresden’s Magnificent Strietzelmarkt

2024 marks the 590th Strietzelmarkt in Dresden’s Old Market Square and is one of the oldest markets in Germany dating to 1434. So just what makes this particular market special and worth visiting?

Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Decorated booths: each booth at the market is decorated with three-dimensional figures, greenery and festive touches that are unlike any other. Many of the depictions relate to the types of goods off and are whimsical and definitely add to the market’s flair.

  2. Authentic handcrafted decorations from the nearby Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge): While nutcrackers, pyramids, wooden figures and toys can be found throughout Germany, all the goods offered at the Strietzelmarkt are manufactured nearby. The quality is outstanding and, in many instances, you have the opportunity to speak with the craftsman who created the wares.

  3. Specialty Foods: The showcase food at the market is Stollen, a Christmas yeast bread with fruit and raisins that originated in Dresden. Dresden’s proximity to the Czech Republic and Poland are felt as well with specialties such as Langos and Handbrot.

  4. Decorations that are also landmarks: the world’s largest Christmas Pyramid is on one end of the square, and you can climb the Schwibbogen at the main entrance to get an overview of the festivities. These items, along with the nativity scene, tree, and Ferris wheel provide not only atmosphere, but also landmarks as you wind your way through the market.

  5. Post Office on-site: Attendees can purchase postcards and stamps and jot a quick note to a loved one for an inexpensive memory. The cards are specially postmarked and can be mailed on site!

If this whets your appetite, join me this coming December for my “Sights and Sounds of Germany at Christmas” tour, which will be from December 4 – 15, 2024. Travel with me to get the insider experience without having to do any of the planning. Click here for a detailed itinerary.


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