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Visit to NE GA and remembering Maggie's journey

While not a 4,400-mile road trip, we made a recent excursion to the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Northeast Georgia. I had honestly forgot how beautiful the region is and couldn’t believe the changes since I had been there a few years ago. While there are certainly more people and more changes, it remains one of the most beautiful places to see in Georgia.

Also – we visited Susan, the person who found Magnolia Mae (Maggie) 6 years ago on the road near her house, so we were curious about how she would react.

Of course, we may insert our human consciousness to it, but we all think Maggie recognized Susan’s house and her immediately. She also seemed to remember the area where she was found. Susan kept saying “she’s such a good girl” … well, that’s true to a point, but she IS a beagle after all. Dishwasher buffet and the "Magic Box" (refrigerator) were her primary focus.

It was so wonderful to see Brasstown Bald (the highest point in GA) and the beautiful countryside. We sat out on the screened patio numerous times to enjoy the sights and sounds, even during a big downpour.

It should be telling that the TV wasn’t turned on once during our visit – we had so much to catch up on and truly enjoyed our time together.

Wednesday (6/30) we spent the afternoon at our favorite vineyard in Georgia, Crane Creek. It is a simply beautiful setting, and they produce some good wines. We spent way more time there than we anticipated, but it was wonderful. Some of their dogs have passed (Crash, the 3-legged lab, for example), but Scruffy the schnauzer was still there to greet guests. We were amazed that David still remembered us, even though it has been several years since we have been there.

The vistas of the mountains and coming back through the piedmont were incredibly beautiful. Another adventure will be coming soon!

Thank you for reading!


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